Wilkins grievance redressal system is a technology-driven complaints management solution to receive and act on grievances posted by the main institute constituents- students, parents, teachers and other non-teaching staff. It involves a process of investigation in which the grievance redressal committee members enquire and analyse the grievances in a strictly confidential manner. The institutions can employ a set of specific measures to ensure accountability and maximum output, thereby establishing a very positive ambience. This portal ensures optimal transparency as only authentic people can be involved in resolving the matter. Apart from the grievance types including complaints related to admission, discrimination of students on the basis of caste, age, sex and race, examination process, non-declaration of results, lack of amenities, non-payment of scholarships, victimization of students, sexual harassment cases etc, the GRS admin can add new grievance category. In order to ensure that the complaints are redressed on time, Wilkins GRS helps the authority to generate reports on the number of grievances being received, redressed and disposed.

Admin Interface

  • Add grievance cell members
  • Create and monitor accounts of grievance cell members.
  • Verify and approve registered users(complainants)
  • Add details of the institution and a management representative
  • View complaints sent by the users
  • Check the authenticity of the complaint
  • Assign complaints to grievance cell members based on the complaint type
  • Generate reports in word/pdf/excel format
  • Account Settings to edit and reset admin profile

User (student/Parent/teacher/Non-teaching Staff) Interface

  • Post complaints in detail
  • View status of the complaints posted
  • Attach supporting files in favour of the complaint
  • View reply to the complaint posted
  • Option to post complaint in not less than 4000 words
  • Reopen the complaint for reinvestigation
  • Send alert on unattended(pending) complaints
  • View notifications from grievance cell members
  • Edit and reset profile

Grievance Cell Member Interface

  • View complaints sent by the user
  • Send reply to the complaints along with attachments, if any
  • View reminders on unattended complaints
  • Generate report on the total/pending/closed complaints, assigning start and end date
  • Give satisfactory solution to re-opened complaints
  • Edit and reset profile


  • Customisable and fully integrated report
  • Reports can be generated by assigning start and end date
  • Admin can create reports in three categories such as total grievances received, pending grievances, and closed grievances
  • Reports can be viewed/downloaded in word, pdf and excel format