The main advantage of the Wilkins GRS is to provide transparent and effective grievance redressal mechanism over the conventional paper-based system. It also helps the grievance cell members to receive and act on the grievances in a time-bound manner.

  • Fair and speedy means of grievance handling.
  • Clarity in procedures and time frames adopted
  • Alerts users immediately on the grievance, action taken etc.
  • Saves time of affected person and cell members
  • Complainant need not consult anyone directly to register complaints
  • Round the clock availability
  • Harmonious education atmosphere in campus
  • Compliance with existing systems without undermining them
  • Automates entire grievance procedure right from its registration to closure
  • Greater confidentiality and transparency in complaints dealing procedure
  • Streamlined and systematic grievance reporting
  • Serves as an outlet for petitioner’s frustrations and discontents.
  • Security for aggrieved person to participate without fear of intimidation or retribution
  • Advantage over paper-based systems