Caste-based Complaint Registration System


Online Caste-based Complaint Registration Portal is the most groundbreaking system that has been developed based on the recent circular by UGC. In accordance with the circular norms announced by the UGC (circular number D.O.F.No.1 -71201 1 (scT) ) it has been made mandatory for all the Educational Institutions that fall under the purview of the board to appropriate a Caste-based Complaint Registration System for the Students, faculty and non-teaching staff to have their complaints posted and gain solutions for their problems.

Universities were calling out for necessary means to wipe out the agitations take place in campuses, especially those related to caste injustice and discrimination. The recent unfortunate incidents in JNU and university of Hyderabad (Rohith Vemula Row) stirred the nation and fuelled the necessity for a proper system to eliminate the caste-biased goons from the colleges and reach out helping hands to give solace to the victims.

With the advent of this new system the faculty are counseled to become more sensitive and rational while dealing with the caste-based complaints filed by the students. The institutions by this regulation are entitled to send Action Taken Report to the UGC (University Grants Commission). It becomes a deciding factor when you take into account the annual proceedings of affiliation undertook by the UGC.

Wilkinz Caste-based complaint Registration System

Wilkinz has come up with this innovative web portal conforming to all the norms entailed by University Grants Commission in order to provide students a smooth platform to post their complaints regarding the instances of caste injustice they unfortunately had to go through in their colleges and avail justice through letting the right action taker know of their predicament, prompting them to take necessary action. Wilkinz Complaint Registration Portal will guide you through the initiation of complaint registration to the final process of action taking and report generation incorporating the complaint cell members in colleges and action takers. It helps curtail unpleasant practices and lay out equality among all irrespective of caste, color and kin. Wilkinz, the provider of most advanced Technology and software we assure you nothing less than a user-friendly framework and a student-friendly campus.

Features of Wilkinz Complaint Register – In Brief

Wilkinz Complaint Registration System provides a wide range of customizations and user-friendly features including:

Multiple Interfaces
1. User Interface
  • Complaints can be posted by students, teachers and other staff
  • Status of a complaint posted can be seen
  • Attachments that back the complaint
2. Admin Interface
  • Edit and reset admin profile
  • Add complaint cell members
  • Create monthly action taken reports
  • View filed complaints
  • Allot complaints to cell members
3. Complaints Cell Member interface
  • Edit and reset profile
  • Complaints can be accessed by the user
  • Reply complainants
Report Generation
  • Available in PDF/Word/Excel format
  • All it takes is to enter the begin and end dates
  • Can generate reports in three divisions


Wilkinz Complaint Registration portal becomes most advantageous to students belonging to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes. It’s an effortless medium for students to be vocal about the troubles of caste-based injustice issues. The procedures of complaint initiation, processing, handing cases to Complaints Cell Members and resolving the issue are conducted on an immaculate manner. The old-school methods of paper-based complaint register and resolve are replaced by complaint registering softwares in a matter of days, here’s why:

  • The physical presence of the complainant is not required to have the complaints sorted out
  • The complainants register their complaints fearlessly
  • The solution is enabled quickly
  • The identities are safeguarded
  • Round the clock availability
  • Assures friendly atmosphere in campuses
  • Monitors the entire process from the initiation of the complaint to the sorting out
  • Clandestine nature in the complaint solving procedure
  • Not time consuming, both for the action taker and for the complainant
  • Brings attention and obedience among students and staff
  • Evidently better than paper-based complaining system which consume far more time and effort

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