Campus ERP Suite - Advantages
Campus ERP Suite allows you to store, modify and retrieve information using the pull down menus masters, admission, information, examination, promotion, fee management, financial accounting, time table, staff & payroll, library management, inventory, transport and other utilities. Each of the modules has sub modules within them. All these modules are integrated with the information provided from the student and the staff administration module.

Campus ERP Suite is implemented in many reputed schools. Since real time data flown into the system for rigorous testing it has proved its success and functionality.


Change is always difficult for any human being. Campus EERP Suite will help you a lot for easy change from manual to computerized one.

Minimize hand written work from admission to alumni formation; academic to non-academic.

It helps you to minimize your repeated works and take care of the complete functionality of your school.

Proper time scheduling (Time table) saves much of your time during summer vacation for creative activities and plans for next academic session.

It is a huge time saver and really facilitates proper communication among the management, staff and the parents

The Campus Management software is an integrated solution which takes care of the various activities of an educational institution like institution management, student management, administrative functions, etc. The solution is available as a basic integrated application upgradeable to an Intranet / Internet system. The application can also be smart card enabled to meet specific client requirements.

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